Worship Arts is a relatively modern term that encapsulates all aspects of applying ‘the arts’ to heighten our worship experience through direct stimulation of our senses (sight, hearing, touch, and smell) to reach our hearts, minds and souls. Here at UMCGF, we enjoy music (both vocal and instrumental), movement and dance, and visual displays to enrich our worship experience.
Whether you are new to our congregation or have been attending here at UMCGF for your entire life, we would love to help you find your niche in the music and worship arts program. There are lots of good ideas we would like to add to our current list, but we need you. We are always on the look-out for those who like to sew a hem, like to draw, or can paint. Do you have musical gifts you would like to share? Can you play a violin, flute, horn, or piano, ring a handbell, beat a drum, or sing in the shower? We would love to have you in the music program! Please call Joy at (860-464-7407) or email at joylamb@umcgf.org so we can set up a time to talk about a spot for you to share your gifts.


Chancel Choir – Here at UMCGF, we are blessed to have an active Chancel Choir, the backbone of the music program. The choir sings challenging and rewarding music from many styles and periods. Choir practice is on Sunday mornings from 9:15 to 10:15.
Handbell Choir – Our ‘ringers’ are another wonderful part of the Worship Arts ministry here at UMCGF with their five octaves of English Handbells.
Contemporary Ensemble – A small ensemble that sings music with complex rythms and harmonies, much of which is a cappella and some of which is memorized. The group works with a limited number of singers and limited rehearsal time and individual work on pieces outside of rehearsal time is expected.
Men’s Choir – Open to all singing men, this group sings at worship several times during the year as well as the annual Christmas Concert.
Ladies Choir – Open to all singing women, this group sings primarily during the Advent and Lenten seasons.

Other Special Opportunities

Our organist/pianist is joined by several other members of the congregation who provide worship music from the organ and piano benches throughout the year. Many members of our congregation also play other musical instruments and share their musical gifts as accompanists, in small ensembles, or as soloist throughout the year. Several programs for children/youth music are offered throughout the year geared toward the changing ages and interest of the children and youth.


Dance has long been one of the ways people have worshipped throughout the ages. Here at UMCGF, we celebrate Dance worship throughout the year through the creative works of our “Jubilation Dancers”, a mixed-generations, liturgical dance group. The group periodically participates in our worship services throughout the year, has traveled to other churches to share the worship dance experience, and has participated in both national and international spiritual-based conferences including the UMC General Conference and the Sacred Dance Guild.

 Drama in Worship

Our drama ministry rehearses and shares in worship based on specific scriptures or themes. They offer very brief spoken moments all the way to last year’s 20 minute offering of “The Three Trees” which included music and was intergenerational. They rehearse as needed.